Sharing session: Trip around the world on zoom

Over the past 2 years with Covid 19 restrictions, Polio Quebec and I have been Zooming around the world with so many Polio people on my little laptop. What a wonderful experience seeing and hearing all their stories! Really, we are all one big happy family of Polio and Post Polio experiences.

Here at Polio Quebec, we been having regular Zoom meetings every week and they have been going on since 2020. In my travels around the world (on Zoom) I have visited Australia (15 hours before us), England (5 hours after us), Arizona (2 hours before us), San Francisco, Florida, Ontario, British Columbia and so many other destinations. Learning these time zones has been a challenge!

Session de partage Polio Québec

It has been incredible meeting all these people who had Polio and hearing their stories. We are one big happy family experiencing the same changes and similarities in our bodies. Getting to meet and discuss these needs with others is very encouraging. Discussing our braces, operations, wheelchairs and what we do for ourselves is very reassuring. Generally, we never had friends with Polio, and we were always encouraged to just get on and do whatever we needed.

At these sessions, so many of our questions have been answered with suggestions from our peers. Other times we have guest speakers, for example: Adriana Venturini, our own Polio Quebec Director, and Physiotherapist Expert, speaking on how to recognize when we are fatigued. What to do when we are tired and how to keep ourselves in good shape physically.

You and your family are always welcome to all these sessions. So many of us are happy to meet others with Polio and hear their stories. Notices are sent out regularly in Mail Chimp and on Facebook. Join our Facebook page and LIKE us on Facebook.

Learning how to live with new restrictions is our main need, join us, everyone is welcome.

By Mona Arsenault