Public transport

In short

Paratransit is a door-to-door public transit service that operates by reservation. The fare is the same as that for a regular public transport service. However, there are certain limitations or additional costs associated with requesting a ride that takes you outside of the area designated by the paratransit company.

To have access to paratransit service, you must first meet the eligibility criteria. To do this, a doctor or rehabilitation professional will need to complete a form on your physical condition.

For more information on paratransit in Québec, visit the  Ministère des Transports du Québec website  (see the menu on the left).

List of adapted public transport organizations

Would you like information on adapted public transport in your region? You will find below a list of public transport organizations, presented by region, which offer a paratransit service and which present its particularities on their website.

Paratransit companies each have their own admission policy, but in some cases, when you are accepted in your municipality and you are visiting another municipality, all you have to do is give your user number to gain access. in the service.


Regional transport council (CRT Lanaudière)

Note: MRC means “regional county municipality”.


Intermunicipal public transport of the Laurentians / Conseil intermunicipal de transport des Laurentides (CIT)


Laval Transit Company (STL)


Lévis Transit Company


Longueuil transport network (RTL)

Such. : 450-670-2992 option 2.

Montreal (greater Montreal area)

Metropolitan Transport Agency (AMT) .

South Crown: City of Vaudreuil-Dorion, City of Châteauguay, City of Candiac, City of Chambly, RITA of the Richelieu Valley, MRC of Marguerite-D’Youville.


Société de transport de Montréal (STM)
For metro accessibility,  click here .

Ten metro stations on the orange line have elevators: Montmorency, de la Concorde, Cartier, Jean-Talon, Berri-UQAM, Champ-de-Mars, Lionel-Groulx, Henri-Bourassa, Côte-Vertu and Snowdon. It is recommended that you use the services of an attendant when traveling since there is a gap between the platform floor and the train. You just have to indicate your need to the ticket office employee and wait for the arrival of a guide. He will make you use the access ramp located at the first car, at the head of the train. For added safety, don’t forget to apply the brakes on your wheelchair during the journey.

MRC of Marguerite D’Youville (Calixa-Lavallée, Contrecoeur, Saint-Amable, Sainte-Julie, Varennes and Verchères)

Other means of accessible transportation

Taxis suitable for wheelchair users

Exterior of Montreal
Transports Quebec presents a list of companies offering a taxi service adapted to people in wheelchairs.

In 2006, the Bureau du taxi et du towing and its partners in the Table de concertation pour développement le transport par taxi accessible entered into an agreement providing that, 24/24 and 7 days a week, you can have an accessible taxi in less 60 minutes, for the same fare as a regular taxi. Contact:

  • Taxi Rosemont (514-255-1313)

  • Taxi Expert (514-374-7171)

  • Taxi Van (514-739-9933)

  • Taxi Diamond (514-273-6331)

**SOS Taxi**

This service allows people using a mobility aid to have access to an adapted taxi, in less than an hour, in emergency situations. The main objective of this new service is therefore to move, as quickly as possible, on the territory of the island of Montreal, in an adapted vehicle, the disabled person who requests it, his mobility aid, his guide dog or assistance and, as the case may be, dependents, to an identified place. Some examples of emergency situations covered by this service:


  • A person needs to go to a hospital urgently, but does not need the services of an ambulance. Note that this service is not intended for travel for medical appointments, since this is not an emergency situation.

    • A person using a mobility aid must go to a health facility to join or accompany one of their dependents (for example their child).

    • A person is unwell in a public place and must be accompanied home.

    • A fire, violent situation, accident or other emergency forces a person with a disability to quickly leave a place.

To use this service,  call 514 277-3344, mention to the dispatcher that you are in an emergency, as well as the SOS TAXI code. This is a service without  reservation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The current rate is that of the taximeter,  payable in cash or by billing. Always keep the number with  you, it might be useful to you!