A map of accessible parking lots

Did you know? There is a  geographical map  identifying, in Montreal, the location of parking spaces reserved for handicapped persons holding a permit.

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What’s this?

In Quebec, a mobile sticker allows access to parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities who cannot move independently or without risk to their health and safety. It authorizes any disabled person, driver or passenger of a vehicle, to use these reserved spaces. It should be noted that the vignette is linked to the person and not to the vehicle.

It is the SAAQ which, since 1998, issues this sticker which can be used by any disabled person, whether driver or passenger of a vehicle.

The mobile sticker must be suspended from the interior rear-view mirror of the vehicle. It is accompanied by a certificate of attestation that the sticker holder must always keep with him as proof of authorization to use the sticker. The cost for the sticker and the accompanying certificate of attestation is approximately $15.

Advantages of the vignette

The parking sticker authorizes a disabled person to use a parking space reserved for disabled people, whether the person is the driver or passenger of the vehicle, and whether or not they own it.

Additionally,  in some cities , the vignette may allow you certain other parking benefits.

  • For example, in Quebec (on the territory of the former city of Quebec), if you have a parking permit for disabled persons issued by the SAAQ, you can  park free of charge in front of a parking meter  for 3 hours (or for the maximum parking time of the parking meter if it exceeds 3 hours). Click here to read the information on the Quebec City website).  It would also seem that you can park in a time-limited parking space, regardless of this limited time period (ex: you can park, with your sticker, even if parking is only permitted between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.). Inform yourself! 

    If ever, in one of these two situations, a police officer erroneously issues a ticket while your sticker was hanging from the rear view mirror of your vehicle, do not hesitate to follow the instructions on the back of the ticket to contest this mistake!

    This measure never allows parking when the ban is related to street cleaning.

    The application of this measure varies from one borough to another. (For more information on the measures in the city of Montreal, you can contact the Montreal Sustainable Mobility Agency ).

You can find Regulation C-4.1 by  clicking here . You can also search for it on Google by typing “C-4.1 RRVM” or call 311.

If it happens to you that a Ville de Montréal parking attendant issues a ticket for not having taken the time to check that a sticker was hanging from the rear view mirror of your vehicle, we recommend that you follow the procedure set out in our brochure on transportation and home care resources ( click here ).

More information

For more details  on the terms and conditions for obtaining this parking sticker for disabled persons, consult:

You can also :
  • go to one of  the service points of  the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec;

  • call 418 643-7620 (Quebec), 514 873-7620 (Montreal) or 1-800-361-7620 (toll free).

Note: The mobile sticker is the parking sticker used in Quebec. It is not the same as in other provinces. For example, in Ontario, the  
accessible parking permit (APS)  is in effect. However, in some provinces, having your Quebec parking permit will allow you to obtain a temporary one for the duration of your stay. If you are leaving, find out!

Article: « Parking meters: The stickers fly away, the writings remain »

January 14, 2011. Le Nouvelliste. By Martin Francoeur.

It is not because the City of Trois-Rivières has decided to remove the sticker from its parking meters indicating that parking is free for holders of vignettes for the disabled that the measure no longer exists.

The City of Trois-Rivières removed from its parking meters the sticker indicating that parking is free for motorists with a sticker for the disabled issued by the SAAQ. It is said that the presence of the wheelchair logo on a blue background created confusion among motorists, who often believed that the parking space was reserved for people with disabilities. But the provision concerning free on-street parking with parking meters remains in effect for people with disabilities.

Reserved parking in front of your door

Reserved parking or drop-off point for paratransit in front of your home

If you are a person with reduced mobility and the parking lot in front of your home is always busy or it is often impossible for paratransit to pick you up in front of your home, you may need an indication of a drop-off area to adapted transport or reserved parking in front of your home. Both owners and tenants are entitled to this service. Inform yourself!

In Montreal, you can contact your borough by dialing 311. A technical agent will take care of your request.

Awareness of respect for reserved places

Short film: Just 2 minutes

As part of their annual campaign to raise awareness of parking spaces for people with disabilities, Moelle épinière et motricité Québec produced an awareness-raising short film in 2010. This short film aims to make the population understand the problems caused by the misuse of reserved places.

Well designed, it does not leave indifferent. We invite you to make it known in your community, thus helping to change mentalities.

To view this short film available on YouTube,  click here .

Citizen patrols

Since 2009, Moelle épinière et motricité Québec (MEMO-QC) has been conducting an awareness campaign to respect parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities. From this campaign was born the citizen patrol initiative.

The idea of ​​this patrol is to catch offenders who illegally use reserved parking lots and place on their windshield awareness campaign leaflets and good citizenship tickets (available free of charge on request). Thus, everyone can, in groups or alone, contribute to raising awareness among individuals who do not respect the reserved places.

This year, for several months and in several regions of Quebec, MEMO-QC and its partners will form patrols and carry out shock operations in order to raise awareness among motorists who illegally occupy reserved parking spaces and issue them civic fines.

We invite you to participate in this awareness campaign.

Partners interested in joining us will receive the “patroller’s kit”; they will find information leaflets explaining the purpose of the reserved spaces, civic fines to give to offending motorists, badges used to identify patrollers and awareness posters.

For more information on the current campaign or to receive awareness material, contact them by phone at 514-341-7272 or 1-800-341-7272.