Adapt your home

Make housing more accessible

Here are some great information sites for making renovations and alterations to make your home more accessible.

Home adaptation – Help service

Société Logique is   a consultation organization in home adaptation and management of universally accessible housing.

This organization offers a support and advice service throughout the home adaptation process: identification of environmental obstacles and recommendations on the arrangements and equipment necessary for the autonomy and safety of the person with a functional limitation. . It also has lists of contractors for home adaptations.

Such. : Montreal (514-522-8284) or Quebec (418-688-4305). Email:  info@societelogical.org .

For more information on this organization,  click here .

Accessible housing – Guides

There are many tools, tips and devices to adapt and renovate a home to make it more accessible. To better inform you and help you in planning your renovations, the  Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)  has created various sections dealing with subjects such as lifts, residential lifts, access ramps, bathrooms, etc.

Home support

There are different forms of home help to help people stay at home.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a hot meal delivery service for seniors and people with loss of autonomy, temporary or permanent. Meals on Wheels also provides home visits by volunteers.

To benefit from the Meals on Wheels service, you can contact the local community service center (CLSC) or the volunteer action center in your region.

PRASAB group (meals on wheels and other volunteer food services)

The Regroupement PRASAB provides a list, by region, of its 154 member organizations that offer meals-on-wheels or other voluntary food services. By consulting their list, you will know who to contact in your region to find out the eligibility conditions for the service and the related costs (these two elements are established by Meals on Wheels and differ from one organization to another).

Telephone: 514-382-0310 ext. 206 or 1-877-277-2722 (toll-free)
Email:  regroupment@prasab.org

To consult the list of organizations offering a meals-on-wheels service,  click here .

Saint-Sauveur Valley Soup Kitchen

Service offered to single people of all ages, those who feel isolated and those in need. However, you are all welcome to come and share a full hot meal for $2 (depending on your financial possibilities). Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Located at 205 Principale Street, Saint-Sauveur (Quebec), J0R 1R0. Email:  souppop@cgocable.ca .

Home help

Do you need help with housekeeping, supplies, shopping, taking care of your clothes, or preparing your meals? You can call on a  domestic help social economy enterprise (EESAD)  to help you.

If you wish to benefit from the services of an EESAD, be aware that there is a  financial exemption program for domestic help services  which is managed by the RAMQ (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec).

If you are unable to move from your home due to your state of health, a physical handicap or an intellectual deficiency, you can benefit from the following services: professional care and services, home help services, natural caregivers, or technical support. The purpose of these services is, among other things, to avoid your hospitalization or to reduce its duration and to facilitate your return home after an illness or surgery.

To apply, you must contact the CLSC in your area.

Montreal, Quebec, Suroit

Services: medical care, personal care, domestic help and company, other services. Such. : 514-281-5050 or 1-866-830-5050 (Montreal); 418-683-2424 or 1-877-683-2424 (Quebec); 450-371-5398 or 1-866-315-8564 (South).

Bayshore home care

Montreal, Quebec

Services: nursing care, personal care, home support, support services.
Such. : 514-879-5657 or 1-800-322-9228 (Montreal); 418-650-6302 or 1-800-322-9228 (Quebec)

Cap Diamant Home Services Cooperative


Services: help with domestic life, personal assistance, odd jobs
Tel. : 418-683-3552



Services: accompaniment, help with hygiene, help with meals, help with getting up and going to bed, help with clothing, light housekeeping, palliative care, nursing care, etc.
Tel. : 418-658-9153

Progressive Nursing Services Inc.


Services: care for individuals.
Phone: 514-335-1813

Quiet at home


Services: home support, end-of-life support, help with household chores, support with daily activities, travel support.
Telephone: 450 907-1591

Find accommodation or residence

Finding accommodation

List of housing cooperatives

Are you looking for housing in a housing cooperative? The Quebec Confederation of Housing Cooperatives (CQCH) offers you a list of Federations of Housing Cooperatives by region.

Subsidized housing

Are you looking for subsidized cooperative housing in a housing cooperative of  the Private Non-Profit Program (PSBL-P)  in Montreal or Quebec? The Quebec Confederation of Housing Cooperatives (CQCH) presents the Central-Logement-Coop one-stop service and instructions for submitting an application.

Accessible housing / Info-Housing Service

Société Logique promotes the concept of universal accessibility and offers a planning consultation service. It offers a list of organizations that offer a housing information service in Quebec or that have a list of applicants and that regularly offer housing for rent in the Montreal and Quebec City area. Such. : Montreal (514-522-8284) or Quebec (418-688-4305). Email:  info@societelogical.org


List of residences for seniors.

Search for a residence


Depending on your state of health and your autonomy, you may be admitted to a public residential center or to another residential resource, such as an intermediate or family-type resource. If you still live in your home, you must contact the CLSC in your area. If you are unable to do this, a relative or friend can do it. If you are housed in a hospital, the request will be made by the establishment.

Residences for seniors – Seniors Accommodation

Seniors Accommodation offers a directory of residences for seniors and retirees in Quebec. Search by criteria: keywords, city, region, size, CLSC, association, corporation.

Residences for seniors – RQRQ

The Quebec Regrouping of Residences for Seniors offers a directory of residences and CHSLDs in Quebec. Search by criteria: autonomy, city, region and services offered.

Residences for seniors – Health and social services Quebec

Santé et services sociaux Québec offers a directory of residences (rooms and apartments) for seniors in Québec. Search by criteria: name of the residence, municipality, territory and services offered. A  geographical map  is also available to visually locate the residences available in your area. All you have to do is place a selection around the region you are interested in on the map.

Residences for retirees – Residence 411

Résidence 411 offers a directory of residences. Search by criteria: country, province and city.

Residences – Visa Life

Visa Vie offers a free consultation service to help you find a residence. Housing reference center in Quebec for seniors (55 years and over): information, advice, residence search.

Residence: Making an informed choice

Golden roses program – FADOQ

ROSES D’OR is an appreciation program for private residences with services for seniors in Quebec. Established in 12 regions of Quebec, it has made it possible to compile a directory of recognized residences in each of these regions.
Note: Once on the page of their site, you will find the list of regional directories following the presentation of the Roses d’or Program, at the bottom of the page.