OnRouleAuQuébec  ‘s mission is to make life easier for people with reduced mobility and/or disabilities by giving them easy access to the information they need on accessibility, i.e. a directory of accessible businesses, a directory of resources dedicated spaces and a directory of accessible accommodation for rent.

OnRouleAuQuébec wants to be a reference to simplify the lives of people with reduced mobility, give them the tools to improve their mobility, integrate them into the city’s economic activity, fight against their physical and psychological isolation by promoting exchanges in the community and provide a showcase for the various organizations involved in the community in order to facilitate their intervention in the field and publicize their assistance programs and services.

Built BY and FOR people with reduced mobility , OnRouleAuQuébec allows its members to actively contribute to the directory of accessible businesses, whether by adding comments, rating or sending information. This company cares about the well-being of the people they work with, and for whom they work.

Planat: the Global Accessibility Map

An initiative of the  Rick Hansen Foundation , Planat  is an online tool that lets you post and search accessibility reviews for places where you eat, shop, work and play. Your detailed reviews make a difference in the lives of others. 


Passenger transport: TCA manages your trips

Transport comfort adapted  is a European company that takes care of accessibility for people with reduced mobility throughout Europe. Indeed, originally Swiss, the organization now makes sure to offer services everywhere, in the most professional, safe and available way possible!