Marchildon of the real thing

The Covid-19 pandemic changes our habits but does not prevent anyone from facing the multiple challenges of his life. This is the case of Monique Vigneault who loves her shoes, is this the case for you?

Monique Vigneault is aware of the role that her shoes play: « I love my shoes, they allow me to move around. After-effects of polio and arthrodesis make it impossible for me to walk without them ».

Have you ever stopped to think about the people who make them? I have, because of COVID. Their manufacture has been postponed because of the restrictive measures linked to COVID.

The bravery of Monique Vigneault

Courage and determination go hand in hand, the example below is an eloquent illustration.

Marchildon des vrais de vrais

« But I need them and there are months of waiting and several orders before me. So I took my courage in both hands and called to explain the situation. Céline, who has been working there for several years, went to ask the manufacturers for a priority. She touched them right in the heart. They are human too, and they were happy to help in their own way ».

Monique Vigneault, thus addresses a very special thank you to each of them, and a big thank you to Céline Cloutier for her impeccable work

By Monique Vigneault