Chair Yoga by internet enriching experience at the time of Covid-19

Yoga A success for Polio Quebec and March of Dimes

What good news when, on the Board of Directors of Polio Quebec, Mona Arseneault proposed chair yoga sessions, via the internet! Mona organized everything: she found a facilitator who understood the specificities of polio; the Polio Quebec Association and the March of Dimes paid the fees, so it would be free for members. Great! But personally, I wasn’t very interested in doing yoga, especially chair yoga: lack of confidence, laziness… I gave myself all sorts of « good » reasons, like: « I’m too busy », with my volunteer work in two boards of directors, one for Polio Quebec, the other one that organizes shows and other cultural activities in my beautiful village Saint-Placide.

Out of curiosity, I attended a few zoom sessions, without getting too involved myself; in this amorphous condition, I am very aware that it is not surprising that I did not get so much out of it! But Mandee is a charming facilitator, she explains clearly how and why one does such a movement; this young woman who lives in the Maritime provinces speaks French as soon as she knows that there are French speakers in the audience. One day, I decide: « Come on, I’m diving! Installed as usual in my wheelchair, I do the exercises with attention and … better open-mindedness.

Yoga sur chaise par internet

Well, it’s true, this yoga feels good. Stretching, breathing, better posture, relaxation, improved flexibility, easier concentration. Mandee adapts yoga well to our needs. I quickly noticed that I work better afterwards and I am more joyful! All this, in a session that lasts only ¾ of an hour, once a month! Free of charge! I humbly admit that I should have used this service from Polio Quebec from the beginning!!!

So let me make a few suggestions:

  1. Set aside some time every 3rd Monday of the month, at 3pm.
  2. Polio Quebec sends you an invitation through the Flash Info about a week before and a reminder the day before, with a direct Zoom link. With the pandemic, we have tamed this tool!
  3. Mandee opens the meeting, we quickly say hello. I ask all the French speakers to show up even if you also speak English, it’s more relaxing to have the explanations in your own language
  4. – for the moment, there are not many French speakers and I feel a bit lonely: Mandee is very happy when she knows that there are French speakers and speaks excellent French.
  5. Every session is different, with different objectives!


Take advantage of this service offered by Polio Quebec and the March of Dimes.

By Chantal Mallen