Inform and raise public awareness

The energy and efforts provided by the Polio Quebec Association  aim to meet our main objectives. Here are some more specific achievements that allow us to meet these objectives.

Defend the rights and interests of people affected by polio

Support our members

Support polio and PPS research

Every year, Polio Quebec donates an amount to support research carried out by the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital on polio and its consequences.



Financial contribution to an event in support of the action of the Rotary clubs of Jean de Brébeuf College, Westmount and Saint-Laurent.


Helen D’Orazio took advantage of her trip to Australia to meet several components of the Polio Australia network and consolidate our ties with this dynamic organization.


June  —  Presentation of an honorary plaque to Rotary International  for their hard work in the eradication of polio. This plaque was presented at the 2010 Rotary International Convention, held in Montreal to mark their 100th anniversary in Canada. It was Mr. John Kenny, president of Rotary International, who accepted the plaque presented by Gilles Besner and Stewart Valin, president and vice-president of Polio Quebec.

Helen D’Orazio a profité de son voyage en Australie pour rencontrer plusieurs composantes du réseau de Polio Australia et consolider nos liens avec cette dynamique organisation.