The Accessible Road 2012 emphazises on Centre-du-Québec

Tourisme Centre-du-Québec, in collaboration with Kéroul, is proud to announce that Centre-du-Québec is now part of The Accessible Road (you can learn more about The Accessible Road in the References for Cultural and Leisure Activities Section of our website). Over the entire region, 13 enterprises have partnered with The Accessible Road. We invite you to visit the Accessible Road’s website to discover the 13 enterprises, or simply if you are planning to explore our province soon!

To be a part of The Accessible Road, the organizations had to make their infrastructures accessible and to meet the Code de construction sans obstacles standards, but also to train their staff to properly greet physically disabled people.

Accessible Quebec Search

Kéroul has an online browser

You can find, on Kéroul’s website, a browser to search among a database of more than 3000 establishments for which accessibility has been evaluated by Kéroul and its partners. These establishments are presented in categories : accommodation, attraction, campground, related services, restaurants, Tourist information centre.

To search in this browser, click here.

The Accessible Road – Guide

The Accessible Road, brought to you by Kéroul, is a tourist guide specifically designed to promote accessible tourism to people with restricted physical abilities. It is an interactive online tourist map to help users plan vacations filled with fascinating stopovers, unforgettable getaways, enriching tours and spectacular shows.

To consult this online guide, click here.

Accessible Traveling

Quick Links

1. Traveling… with Physical Limitations
2. Traveling… by Bus
3. Traveling… by Train
4. Traveling… by Plane
5. Traveling… by Ferry
6. Did you know that…?
7. Testimonies


Access to Travel

The Access to Travel (ATT) website, an accessible travel information source, provides information on accessible transportation and travel across Canada with the aim of making accessible travel an easier and more enjoyable experience for Canadians with disabilities and seniors, as well as for their families and caregivers. This website includes information on transportation between Canadian cities by air, rail, ferry and intercity bus; local transportation; accessibility of airport terminals; provincial tourism; service standards, and much more.

To consult this website, click here.

“Take Charge of Your Travel”

Canadian Transportation Agency makes available the guide “Take Charge of Your Travel: A Guide for Persons with Disabilities“.This guide was written to provide advance travel information for persons with mobility, sensory and/or cognitive disabilities.

To consult this guide online, click here.
To download this guide, click here [PDF, 641 Kb, 66 pages].


Kéroul is a non-profit organization which, through information and lobbying, promotes and develops accessible tourism and culture.

Kéroul offers The Accessible Road, an invaluable online tool for planning travel and getaways in Québec. This map offers up a whole network of tourist sites featuring accessible infrastructures. Also, the staff at these locations (900 people) have all received Kéroul’s Welcoming Ways training on providing service to persons with restricted physical abilities.

Kéroul also makes available the guide Le Québec accessible. This guide lists more than 1,000 establishments rated according to Kéroul’s accessibility criteria which are approved by Tourisme Québec. The establishments are grouped by administrative region and the reader will find a section describing paratransit and orthopedic services available in each region.

To visit Kéroul website, click here.

Reservation Checklist for Persons With Disabilities

The Canadian Transportation Agency suggests the guides “Reservation Checklist for Persons With Disabilities: A Step-by-step Guide for Planning Your Travel“.

To consult this guide online, click here.
To download this guide, click here [PDF, 549 Kb, 2 pages].

Transportation and Travel

Persons With Disabilities Online offers information about Transportantion and Travel in Canada by air, automobile, train and ferry.

For more information, click here.

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Get information about the Quebec Attendant Card (Carte Québécoise à l’accompagnement) from the Association des Propriétaires d’autobus du Québec (APAQ). With this pass, your attendant can travel with you on coaches free of charge. Telephone : 418-522-7131.

Orléans Express

A wheelchair should not prevent you from seeing the country. And especially not from going by bus! Orléans Express has eight buses equipped with a wheelchair lift and anchoring systems. These vehicles can hold two wheelchairs at a time. Employees can help you on board if you use a cane, walker or another mobility device. People who use wheelchairs must book their seat to travel with us at least 48 hours prior to their departure. Also, if you have to travel with an attendant and that you have a Quebec Attendant Card, your attendant can travel with you on the buses free of charge. Telephone : 1-888-999-3977.

To visit their website, click here.

Coach Canada

Coach Canada offers the following services to special needs passengers presenting a valid disabled status identification card: Wheelchair Accessible coaches; Assisted seating; Adult Attendants ride free; Service animals ride free. Persons in wheelchairs should call 1-800-461-7661 a minimum of 24 hours in advance to make their reservation.

To have more information, click here. To visit Coach Canada website, click here.

Greyhound Canada

Greyhound offers the following services to special needs passengers presenting a valid disabled status identification card: accessible buses, pre-selection of seating, adult attendants ride free, service animals ride free. Persons in wheelchairs should call 1-800-661-8747 as early as possible or at least 48 to 72 hours in advance to check for the availability of an accessible bus.

To visit their website, click here.

Groupe Intercar

Groupe Intercar offers services to special needs passengers on the route Saguenay/Quebec and Quebec/Côte-Nord. Telephone : 1-888-861-4592 (departure from Québec/Côte-Nord) or 1-888-547-0923 (departure from Saguenay).

To visit their website in french, click here.

Voyageur Corporation Bus Lines

Voyageur offers the following services to special needs passengers presenting a valid disabled status identification card: Accessible buses; Pre-selection of seating; Adult attendants ride free; Service animals ride free. Telephone : 1-800-661-8747.

To visit their website, click here.

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VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail Canada offers adapted services (accessibility, special meals and medication) for people who have a disability or a medical condition. These special services vary from one region to another depending on station facilities and train cars. In certain circumstances, VIA Rail offers free travel to an attendant accompanying a person with disabilities. To benefits from these services, you should book a minimum of 48 hours in advance to specify the special services you will require. Telephone : 1 888 VIA-RAIL (1 888 842-7245) or TTY 1 800 268-9503 (hearing impaired).

To visit VIA Rail website, click here.

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Air Canada

Air Canada looks after the special needs of customers who require assistance because of a disability or medical condition. Special services include: Identification of your special needs or condition through a special notation on your boarding card; Assistance; Stowing and retrieving baggage and mobility aids; Periodic inquiries about your needs and attending to them; Assistance in unwrapping and cutting food, and opening beverages, and many others services. Inform Air Canada 48 hours in advance of travel that you wish to transport wheelchair or mobility aid assistance.

To visit Air Canada website, click here.

Air Transat

Air Transat offers differents services for passengers with special needs. Passengers with special needs and their escort can pre-select their seat by contacting our Information and Seat Selection Centre at 1-877-TRANSAT (872-6728). Wheelchairs or mobility aids equipped with Wet-Cell batteries are no longer accepted on Air Transat flights.

To visit their website, click here.

Canjet Airlines

CanJet does not accept or provide medical oxygen or other hazardous materials for guests throughout their flight. CanJet offers special services to persons with disabilities. To better facilitate your needs, you should identify all services required at the time of booking to the reservations staff. Telephone : 1-800-809-7777.

To visit Canjet website, click here.

First Air

First Air provides services for passengers with special needs as : Accessible on-board washrooms; Reduced fares for attendants; Carriage of mobility aids at no charge; Wheelchairs; Oxygen service; Baggage Assistance; Reserved seating.

Telephone : 1 877 873-3718.

To visit their website, click here.

Porter Airlines

Porter offers different services to passengers with special needs. Contact the Call Centre for further information about Special Service Requests at 1-888-619-8622.

To visit Porter Airlines website, click here.

Provincial Airlines Limited

Provincial Airlines Limited offers a certain number of services to its passengers with special needs. Accessible on-board washrooms, Reduced fares for people having to travel to receive medical care, Carriage of mobility aids at no charge, Wheelchairs, Oxygen service, Baggage Assistance, Reserved seating. Inform Provincial Airlines of your needs at the time of reservation. Telephone : 1-800-563-2800.

Visit their website, click here.


Westjet offers many services to customers with special needs (oxygen needs, assistive devices such as wheelchairs, etc..). In most cases, you shoud inform them of your needs 24 to 48 hours before departure, by calling 1-877-956-6982, or when reserving your ticket. Be aware of restrictions and conditions that may apply to your particuliar situation.

For more information, click here.


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Groupe C.T.M.A.

Crew and terminal ferry staff lend assistance to persons with disabilities. They have a cabin designed for special needs passengers. Persons with special needs should inform Groupe CTMA of their needs when making reservations and should make themselves known to terminal staff upon arrival for assignment of a specially designated parking space when boarding. Telephone: 1-888-986-3278.

To visit their CTMA website, click here.

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flèche People with disabilities who hold a valid parking permit issued in Canada can use it in the 40 member countries of the European Union. You will enjoy the same benefits as citizens of these countries. If you’re travelling to Europe and planning to drive, bring your accessible parking pass with you. Check with local authorities for regulations.

flèche If you have a disability and have had problems when travelling on federally regulated passenger rail, ferry or air service, you can file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency. The Agency also offers a mediation service to help resolve problems. There are guides and forms for using both these services. Telephone : 1 888 222-2592. TTY: 1 800 669-5575. To visit the Agency website, click here.

flèche Through the Intercity Bus Code of Practice, Canadian bus operators commit to serving people with disabilities in a safe and dignified manner. If you want to obtain information on resolving complaints about intercity bus service, contact Transport Canada. Telephone : 1-800-665-6478.TTY: 1 800 823-3823

flècheOn the Canadian Transportation Agency website, you can find answers to four frequently asked questions about accessible transportation :

  1. Do transportation service providers know about the service needs of travellers with disabilities?
  2. What specific services will be provided for air travellers with disabilities?
  3. What accessibility features are available on some aircraft that would interest and benefit customers with disabilities?
  4. How does the Agency review accessibility problems?

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Share your traveling testimonies! It will please us to add them in this section.

Testimonies from Marie-Paule Trudel

Here are two testimonies (in french) from Marie-Paule Trudel that have also been published Mrs Trudel would be pleased if her experience could be useful for others.
Testimony 1 : Avec les pieds des autres (2006) [PDF, 366 Ko]
Testimony 2 : Avec les pieds des autres (suite 2007) [PDF 709 Ko]

Update: Mrs Trudel has published a book about her adventures, also named “Avec les pieds des autres”. You can know more about it in our Documents section.

Affordable Overnite Stays

Hotels often have expensive rates. When you need to go into a city and stay overnight, you may have some difficulties in finding affordable lodging. On this page, we will suggest a few places that you can look into.

If you know of others, we invite you to share this information with us. Note that we have not verified the degree of accessibility of these accommodations.


Quick Links

1. Maison Gisèle Auprix-St-Germain – L’Auberge
2. The 7400 Centre
3. UQAM Residences (summer)
4. McGill University Residences (summer)

1. La Maison Gisèle Auprix-St-Germain  –  L’Auberge

Maison Gisèle Auprix-St-GermainOld Longueuil.The Maison Gisèle Auprix-Germain is a day activities center and a place of respite services for people of less than 65 years with physical incapacities (visual, auditive, driving, word and language) and for their relatives. The Auberge can also accomodate handicapped tourists. It counts 7 rooms (8 beds) with private or semi-private bathrooms.

It is located at : 150, Grant street, Longueuil (at a few minutes from Montreal). Telephone : 450-679-6654. Email.

To visit their website, click here.

2. The 7400 Centre

Montreal. The 7400 Centre, before called Institut des sourds-muets de Montréal, has available rooms for nightly rental. The rate is about $60-$80 nightly for a regular room, and $40 nightly for a smaller room. The Centre is located at 7400 St-Laurent Boulevard. Telephone : 514-270-7400.

3. UQAM Residences – Summer Accommodation

Montreal. During the summer, UQAM Residences become East and West Lodges.

  • East Lodges. 303, Rene-Levesque Blvd. 
    2011 Rate : 
    from $48 (Multi-8) to $69 (studio).
    For more information, click here. For reservation : 514-987-6669.
  • West Lodges. 2100, Saint-Urbain.
    2011 Rate : from $48 (Multi-8) to $147 (studio suite). Adapted studio for disabled guests starting at $97.
    For more information, click here. For reservation : 514-987-7747.

To visit UQAM Residences website, click here.

4. McGill University Residences – Summer Accommodations

Montreal. During the summer, McGill University Residences become accommodations that can be rented for nights, weeks or months. The summer residences are available yearly from May 15 until the August 15. Rooms are private but the washrooms are shared amongst the guests and are located a few steps away from each room. Rooms are not air-conditioned. Parking is available for a nominal fee.

There are three locations offering low-rate nights:

  • Bishop Mountain Residences complex (Molson, McConnell, Gardner and Douglas Halls) offer the tranquility and green space of Mount Royal and Royal Victoria College borders McGill’s downtown campus, only footsteps away from the heart of the action.
    2011 Rates (single) : $45 nightly and $40 nightly for seniors.
    For more information, click here. For individual reservation : 514-398-5200.
  • Solin Hall which offers apartment style living in an off campus setting.Located just minutes from Downtown Montreal and steps from the Atwater market and the Lachine Canal, Solin offers suites, studios, and Multi 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments for summer sublet. Places are limited. Many services are not included, keep informed. Minimum of three nights. Sublet Lease: May 1st to August 15th.
    2011 Rates : $30 for Multi 2-3-4, $45-$55 for studio and $65 for Solin Suite.
    For more information, click here. For reservation, you have to contact them by email.

To visit McGill University Residence website, click here.