Personal Attendants

It occasionally comes to pass that a person’s health or handicap calls for accompaniment when going somewhere or in achieving certain activities. Because this helper answers specific needs of the person in question, certain companies accept that the helper not pay them regular fare (e.g. bus fare, museum entry etc.).

So that your helper doesn’t have to spend the usual amount called for, you must respect certain conditions and these involve, in certain cases, the acquisition of an accompaniment card beforehand.

In this page, you will find information about some of those accompaniment cards.

1. Leisure
2. Traveling

1. Leisure

Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS)

The Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) gives the companion of a person of a minimum age of 12 with a permanent disability or mental health problem free access to tourist, cultural and recreational sites.

To submit a request for a Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS), simply fill out the Acknowledgement of the Need for a Companion Form. Provide the information requested online and submit the form. Processing of an application and mailing of the companion sticker will be carried out by an accredited organization located in your region. Allow for approximately two weeks before you receive your companion sticker.

Access 2 Entertainment programMC

An Access 2 CardMC gives a person accompanying (Helper) someone who is handicapped an important price reduction in member theatres Canada wide. The handicapped person pays the regular price.

The Helper must be someone who accompanies a handicapped person to provide services not offered by theatre employees, such as helping the person eat, administering medication, communicating and using installations.

2. Traveling

Bus : Quebec Card of Accompaniement

Many inter-city motor coaches offer free rides to those accompanying someone who has difficulty travelling. It requires the presentation of the Quebec Card of Accompaniment, issued by the Association des Propriétaires d’autobus du Quebec (APAQ). This card costs nothing and is valid for 5 years.

Plane : Air Canada

During some of Air Canada flights, the attendant may travel at no charge or on a reduces fare. Althought all applicable taxes remain payable. Telephone : 1-800-667-4732 (Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk).

Some others airlines companies have a reduced fare for the attendant of a disabled person. Keep informed!

Train : VIA Rail Canada

Passengers who need assistance in attending to their personal needs (eating, medical care, personal hygiene) during their trip must travel with a companion capable of providing such assistance. The companion travels free in the same class of service.

To take advantage of this privilege, the special needs traveller must present, for each trip, a valid card from a recognized association or institution for persons with disabilities, or a recent letter dated within the last 9 months (unless the letter states that the condition is permanent) and signed by a physician.

To be valid, the letter must describe exactly which of the following personal needs the traveller cannot attend to him/herself: eating, personal hygiene, medical care (administration of medication, supervision by a nurse, etc.).

STM (Montreal)

You can find all the details about assistance and accessibility on the STM’s website.