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Association québécoise pour le loisir des personnes handicapées

The AQLPH (Quebec leisure association for disable people) defends and promotes rights and interests of disabled people in their access to leisure activities. This association makes available a browser to find local leisure organizations according to the kind of activities you wish to do (outdoor activities, educational, social and cultural, sporting, tourist, etc..).

To do a search in this browser, click here.

Laccompagnateur.org – List

Laccompagnateur.org suggests a list of organizations related to disabled activities, all-over Quebec.

To consult this list, click here.


Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS)

The Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) gives the companion of a person of a least 12 years old with a permanent disability or mental health problem free access to tourist, cultural and recreational sites.

To submit a request for a Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS), simply fill out the Acknowledgement of the Need for a Companion Form. Provide the information requested online and submit the form. Processing of an application and mailing of the companion sticker will be carried out by an accredited organization located in your region. Allow for approximately two weeks before you receive your companion sticker.

For general information or questions concerning the evaluation of your request, contact Mrs Nancy Whitney, TLCS Program Coodinator, at 450-771-0707

For more information about TLCS, click here.

Accès Montreal Card

For $7,  Montréal residents and taxpayers can purchase the Accès Montréal card and take advantage of all kinds of reductions at many recreational and cultural facilities for one full year.

For more information, click here.

Montréal Museum passes

The Montréal Museums Pass, your cultural passport for easy access to 38 museums. There are 3 cards you can buy (prices for 2011) :

  1. Montreal Museums Pass – 3 days (without public transit). Free access to 38 museums during 3 days of your choice within 3 weeks (one visit per museum). $60, taxes included.
  2. Montreal Museums Pass – 3 days (with public transit). Free access to 38 museums during 3 consecutives days (one visit per museum). Unlimited public transit during 72 h (Bus, Subway).
  3. Montreal Museums Prestige Pass – One year. Valid for 1 year as of the date of purchase. 2 admissions per museum (simultaneous or not). Admission to 38 museums. $200, taxes included.

For more information about points of sales and where to use these passes, click here.

Cultural Chronicle

You wrote a book or watched a movie and want to share your appreciation? Send us your comments in a short text and we will add it to this page.

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Bibi (mémoires)

Victor Lévy Beaulieu. Éditions Trois-Pistoles. 597 p.

Janruary 14th, 2011. By Hélène Lajeunesse. Bibi (mémoires) from Victor Lévy-Beaulieu is a bulky work of more than 600 pages. Published by Grasset, it is written “Roman” (Novel) on the front, but during an interview, VLB announced that his work was more like a “pseudo-autobiography” told through an invented story taking place in Gabon (Africa), a country where the author never went.

As a reader, this work struck / shocked / scandalized / destabilized me… It gave me nightmares and nauseas. However, I find Victor Lévy-Beaulieu a fascinating author, one of the best we have in Quebec. Even if I didn’t like this masterly work, I did recognize the writing quality of this author, as well as the style and the form of this not very common work. I devoured passages where he told us about his polio, his hospitalization in the Montreal Pasteur Hospital and treatments we received from physiotherapists. I said “we” because I was hospitalized at the same time as Mr Beaulieu, in the same hospital as him, and we went to the same treatment rooms, saw the same nurses and specialists. The only difference is that I was 6 years old and his was a young adult. Polio did leave its mark on him. I share his anger and the suffering given by his paralysis. I really appreciate that he immortalized for us this period in his life. This book is a must read… if you want to be challenged by something else than your usual comfortable readings..

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Mao’s Last Dancer

2009. Drama. Australia. 117 min.

January 22th, 2011. By Hélène Lajeunesse. It is the story of a Chinese star dancer from when he is recruited by the Mao’s Group to when he comes back to see his family while he is famous all-over the world. Mao’s Last Dancer is a very beautiful movie. The story is captivating, the music is beautiful and dancers are exceptional. I liked it very much. Seen in Montreal during the Festival of foreign films, it hasn’t been shown in movie theaters but it is now available on DVD.

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Montréal Botanical Garden

June 2010. By Hélène Lajeunesse. The Montréal Botanical Garden is a splendid place where beautiful improvements have been done in the last two years in order to enhance the accessibility of the place for people in wheelchairs or scooters. Everything is accessible on the site, as much the exterior gardens as the interior greenhouses. There is a very beautiful presentation, located at the beginning of the interior greenhouses, inspired by the seven trips made by Brother Marie-Victorin and his brother to Cuba. Pictures, personal documents, maps, music and even the ground, repainted in turquoise blue to recall the ocean, make it a must-to-be-seen exhibition.

  • Advantage : different restaurant areas are accessible; I liked the food and it was affordable.
  • Costs : Parking is $10 for the day. Admission is $14 per person, and it is free for the attendant with a Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS).

The Montréal Botanical Garden may be an outing a little more expensive than going to a movie theater, but it is perfect to be with a friend and to take the time to enjoy an absolutely delighful place. As seen in the preview : “One day is not enough!”

To visit Montréal Botanical Garden’s website, click here.