Resources for caregivers gives information, support and training to caregivers to help them take care of themselves. This website offers an online repertory of available services for caregivers (information, psychological support, training activities, health services, etc…)

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Many people with PPS continue to function with only minor complications.

However some are less fortunate and require assistance from a caregiver. General guidelines include home and outdoor adaptations to facilitate daily activities and conserve energy. The care given must determine potential abilities and yet recognize there are things a PPS person is not capable of doing independently.

Daily Activities

The caregiver must consider what is important to the PPS person and focus on time spent doing those activities, together with conservation of energy.

Hygiene and Personal Care

The caregiver should consider the time and energy put into hygiene and personal care, providing assistance to overcome any problems. Some useful tips or aids are :

  • Grab bars around bathtub and/or toilet area.
  • A bath bench to sit on to facilitate getting in and out of the tub (a handheld shower also helps).
  • Washing hair in the shower.
  • Using a terry–-towel robe for drying.

Dieting and Eating Tips

PPS people require a good, balanced, general diet for a healthy body. It is important to avoid being overweight as this requires more energy from muscles, thus increasing fatigue. Increased weight places additional stress on joints which may lead to arthritis.