Still Standing

In 2015, Polio Québec focuses its fundraising efforts on an eLearning project for health professionals.

Why is this project important?

Thousands of Canadians contracted polio during an epidemic that culminated in the 50s. Additionally, many people who settle here each year contracted polio in their home country.

Post-polio Syndrome, a painful and debilitating condition, affects a large proportion of people who had polio. It is not well known by the public nor by most health professionals.

If these professionals were more aware of PPS, symptoms could be pinpointed more quickly and patients referred to specialists or to the Montreal Post-polio Clinic, the only one of its kind in Canada.

Why eLearning?

By producing a CEU*-accredited eLearning, that information can be included in a continuing education program.

An eLearning module is based on pedagogical principles designed to optimize the usefulness of the information presented and to do it in a way that is easier to remember than if it was viewed on a video or simply read.

* Continuing Education Unit

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