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Association québécoise pour le loisir des personnes handicapées

The AQLPH (Quebec leisure association for disable people) defends and promotes rights and interests of disabled people in their access to leisure activities. This association makes available a browser to find local leisure organizations according to the kind of activities you wish to do (outdoor activities, educational, social and cultural, sporting, tourist, etc..).

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Laccompagnateur.org – List

Laccompagnateur.org suggests a list of organizations related to disabled activities, all-over Quebec.

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Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS)

The Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) gives the companion of a person of a least 12 years old with a permanent disability or mental health problem free access to tourist, cultural and recreational sites.
To submit a request for a Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS), simply fill out the Acknowledgement of the Need for a Companion Form. Provide the information requested online and submit the form. Processing of an application and mailing of the companion sticker will be carried out by an accredited organization located in your region. Allow for approximately two weeks before you receive your companion sticker.

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Accès Montreal Card

Montréal residents and taxpayers can purchase the Accès Montréal card and take advantage of all kinds of reductions at many recreational and cultural facilities for one full year.

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Montreal Museum Cards

The Montréal Museums Pass, your cultural passport for easy access to 38 museums. There are 3 cards you can buy:
  1. Montreal Museums Pass – 3 days (without public transit). Free access to 38 museums during 3 days of your choice within 3 weeks (one visit per museum).
  2. Montreal Museums Pass – 3 days (with public transit). Free access to 38 museums during 3 consecutives days (one visit per museum). Unlimited public transit during 72 h (Bus, Subway).
  3. Montreal Museums Prestige Pass – One year. Valid for 1 year as of the date of purchase. 2 admissions per museum (simultaneous or not). Admission to 38 museums.

For more information about points of sales and where to use these passes, click here.


Physical Activity

Swimming Pool Accessibility

By request of the Post-Polio Clinic, the Polio Quebec Association put together a swimming pools directory. This directory gives information about interior swimming pool accessibility in Montreal, for people with physical disabilities (or not). Please, note that for now, almost all the swimming pools listed in this directory are located in Montreal. We invite you to share with us information about swimming pools in your region that still haven’t been listed here, all over Quebec : associationpolioquebec@bellnet.ca.

To see the directory, click here,