Adapted Clothing

Création Confort

Montréal, Saint-Lambert, Clermont, Sherbrooke , Berthierville, Région Ottawa-Hull, Ontario.
Creation Confort Adaptive Clothing is developing, manufacturing and marketing comfortable clothing for the disabled/handicapped that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the incontinent or wheelchair-dependent person.
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Créa Vie

Créa Vie provides adapted clothing in response to the special needs of people who are no longer able to dress themselves. In collaboration with medical professionals, they designed an adapted clothing collection that fits your needs, in high quality fabrics that are comfortable, practical, durable and washable.
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Mode Ézé Plus

For 22 years, Mode Ézé Plus have manufactured and distributed adapted clothing and accessories to individuals with mobility problems as well as hospitals and Health Care Centers. Telephone : 418-566-6535 or 1-888-262-6535.
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Prince Felix

Winter over boots made for people with mobility problems involving minimal floor contact. Wear over winter boots, orthopedic aid or cast.
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Located in Drummondville, Produco offers to alter or transform your clothing, shoes or accesories for a better body adaptation.
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Adapted Accessories

Adapted Life Jackets inc.

Safe and reliable lifejackets designed for people of all ages with reduced mobility.
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LisArt Couvertures

Saint-Mathieu du Parc
Adapted blankets for people in wheelchair. Adapted coat on special requests are also possible. Telephone : 819-532-1330, 819-532-2617.
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