In this section, you will find many resources, classified in categories listed below and in the pulldown menu. If you know of any other resources that could be useful to members, we invite you to contact us to share your references.
We also have put together a lot of the Resources information in our new pamphlets, which are available here in PDF format. These six documents are to give the most accurate information. If you wish to have the paper version of the pamphlets, please contact us by email or by phone. You can also visit the Catalogue for the Polio Survivor, Friends and Familiy & for Medical Professionals.


General Information

References for seniors

The National Seniors Council is a governmental organization promoting the rights and interests of seniors. Their website gives many interesting references of associations and governmental websites.


Programs and services in Quebec – for seniors and disabled ones

Portail Québec gives information about services for Quebec citizens, as well as for people with disabilities (in French: accessibility, accommodations, transport, etc…) and seniors (health, losing autonomy, housing, taxes credits, etc.)


People with reduced mobility census

The Service de Sécurité Incendies de Montréal (SSIM) has a computerized data bank allowing it to locate and evacuate quickly, in case of a disaster, people with reduced mobility. To be registered at this computerized bank, you can go to a fire station or an Accès Montréal office, or you can call 514-872-3775. Each request is treated with confidentiality. If you don’t live in Montreal, contact your fire station to know if a similar service is available in your area!


Our Tips and Resources