Two books are available from the association:


« Mastering the Art of Coping in Good Times and Bad ».

by Linda Edgar RN PhD. 174 p.
This empowering manual offers a simplified explanation of key coping strategies and how to apply them in a variety of stressful life sitautions. Using the facts-thoughts-feelings framework, it outlines how to relieve stress by changing the things one can and taking control over one’s life. It is an excellent reference for individuals, support groups or health professionals for assisting in developing positive coping skills.
For everyone, and all those touched by illness, whether as a patient, family memeber, friend or volunteer, good coping skills are paramount. This well written and thoroughly researched book is filled with practical, easy-to-master tips and advice is an invaluable guide to coping for cancer patients and those who care for them.
Available for 20$ (10$ goes to Association Polio Québec). Contact us for more information.

« Walking Fingers – The Story of Polio and Those Who Lived With It ».

Edited by Sally Aitken, Helen D’Orazio and Stewart Valin. 239 p.
Walking Fingers tells the story of polio in Canada, the story of the determined organizations and people who helped eradicate it and, at the book’s core, thirty-six poignant stories of polio survivors and their caregivers.


Available for 15$. Contact us for more information.