Polio Around the World

A positive… but fragile outcome

The United Nations, through UNICEF and the World Health Organization, began a global programme to eradicate polio in 1988. Within 20 years this effort led to a 99% reduction in annual cases, putting poliomyelitis on the path to becoming only the second disease to be completely eradicated (the first being smallpox in 1979). Polio is now prevalent only in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria where civil strife and a limited health system have hindered distribution of the vaccine.


Vaccines save lives

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Short animation that promotes polio vaccination.


If you wish to follow the progress of polio around the world, here are some web links where you can find the progress of polio eradication in the world news.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative

World Health Organization (WHO)

Rotary International