Polio Quebec Association is a not-for-profit organization. Thanks to the contribution of its members, donations and a grant from the Ministry for Health and Social Services, Polio-Quebec can provide information and offer services to its members and to any victim of Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS). On an ad hoc basis, the Office des personnes handicapées du Québec (OPHQ) also provides a subvention for specific projects such as the 25th anniversary celebration and the redesigning of this web site.

1. Mission Statement
2. Goals
3. Target Audience
4. Services

1. Mission statement

Polio Quebec’s mission statement is to help people who have had polio. In this perspective, Polio Quebec aims to be the best possible source of help for people affected by polio.

2. Goals

Polio Quebec aims to :

  • Help to advocate on behalf of people affected by polio and the post-polio syndrome (PPS);
  • Foster public and medical awareness of all aspects of polio and PPS;
  • Help these people to have access to the health system’s medical care and resources;
  • Support our members and help them improve their quality of life;
  • Encourage and support research into the treatment of PPS and its effects on daily life;
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships with other relevant organizations.

3. Target Audience

Polio Quebec serves those :

  • who have had polio or who suffer from post-polio syndrome (PPS);
  • who have a relative or a friend affected by polio or its after-effects;
  • who want information on polio and PPS;
  • who wish to contribute to help and defend people affected by polio and PPS.

4. Services

Polio Quebec provides the following services :

  • Information : Information booklets on post-polio syndrome.
  • Communication : Publication of Folio Polio newsletter, mailing of electronic newsletter Flash-Info rapide, website, Facebook page.
  • Reference : Post-Polio Clinic, Clinique post-polio, Government Services, …
  • Support members who want to meet in order to share and exchange information on their situation and lifestyle