Our logo


Meaning of Polio Quebec Logo

It’s in 1992 that Polio Quebec has adopted the present logo : a brilliant sun with one gray ray amongst shining ones suggesting that we are a group that wishes to enlighten the polio world – to radiate outwards, ever mindful of the potential secondary effects this disease (the gray ray).

The number “25” inside the sun was used between 2010 and 2013 to underline the 25th anniversary of Polio Quebec – 25 years dedicated in helping people concerned by polio.


For those who remember…

Before the designing of the current logo, another picture has been used by the Association at its beginning. It was a stylized neurone, drew by Sieglinde Stieda, founder of Polio Quebec, and her friend. This picture (below) has been used in the very first Folio Polio newspapers.