1. History of Polio Quebec
2. Presidents
3. Medical Advisors
4. People Who Have Been Board Members

1. History of Polio Quebec

It isn’t always easy for an association to stay alive and useful over the years. However, 25 years after our foundation, we are still active and determined to answer our members’ needs and to evolve with them.

Many moments have been significant during these past years and those moments have been possible thanks to many volunteers people determined to help, to inform and to support people affected by polio.

Here you will find our history and evolution, recounted through significant moments and achievements.

(Upcoming Section – Available in French)

2. Presidents

Here are the present and former presidents of Polio Quebec :

  1. (coming soon) Sieglinde Stieda (Founder. 1985 – 1986)
  2. Photo of Yolande Rouleau  (2010) Yolande Rouleau (1986 – 1988)
  3. Photo of Mona Arsenault (2010) Mona Arsenault (1988 – 1993)
  4. Photo of Sally Aitken (2010) Sally Aitken (1993 – 1997)
  5. Photo of Pauline Sweer (2010) Pauline Sweer (1997 – 1999)
  6. Photo of Reverend Phillips (2000) Révérend William (Bill) Phillips (1999 – 2000)
  7. Photo of Father Yves Gaudreault (2010) Père Yves Gaudreault (2000 – 2002)
  8. Photo of Mario Di Carlo (2010) Mario Di Carlo (2002 – 2006 )
  9. Photo of Gilles Besnser (2010) Gilles Besner (2006 – 2012)
  10. Photo of Daniel Montmarquette (2013) Daniel Montmarquette (2013 – …)

3. Medical Advisors

Since 1985, Polio Quebec has had two Medical Advisors :

  1. Photo of Dr Cashman Dr Neil Cashman (1986 – 1998)
  2. Photo of Dr Trojan (2010) Dre Daria A. Trojan (1998 – …)

4. People Who Have Been Board Members

Here is the list, by alphabetic order, of people who has given their time to be boardmembers of the Association, from its beginning until now.

Ackad, Samir
Aitken, Sally
Allison, Gordon
Anger, Beth
Anger, Marcel
Arsenault, Mona
Baldé, Lamine
Beaudin, Jacqueline
Bergeron, Normand
Besner, Gilles
Blain, Dr Gilbert
Bombardier, Michel
Bourget, Céline
Campos, Robert
Caron, Pierrette
Colangelo, Sylvie
Cossette, Gérard
Cruess, Dr Richard
D’Amico, Anne
De Gagné, Jacques
Di Carlo, Mario
D’orazio, Helen
Duguay, Marcel
Dumais, Raymond
Elliot, David
Fothergill, Jack
Fournier, Gilles
Fowles, Dr John
Francoeur, Carmen
Gagliardi, Nicole
Gaudette, Jean-François
Gaudreault, Père Yves
Giannuzzi, Gregory
Groot, Richard
Guttman, Dre Herta
Hanrahan, Margaret
Hayeur, Louise
Héroux, Lise
Houle, Diane
Jerrett, Joyce
Katta, Amitha
Lalande, Bernard
Lamarche, Ginette
Lambert, Andrée
Lamrane, Khadija
Larivière, Roland
Mallen, Chantal
Massicotte, Sylvie
McDonald, John
McGuinness, Audrey
Mercier, Claire
Mercier, Claude
Montmarquette, Daniel
Ouellet, Lise
Phillips, Rev. William
Pignatelli, Francesco
Poulin, Marie-Claude
Quintal, Ginette
Robinson, Ann
Rouleau, Yolande
Rousse, François
Silverman, Syd
Stieda, Sieglinde
Stenson, Bruno Paul
St-Onge, Gérald
Strobel, Geneviève
Sweer, Pauline
Taing, Sok-kheng
Valin, Stewart
Van Daele, Anne-Marie
Van Daele, Paul
Venturini, Adriana
Wasson, Françoise
Wasson, Robert
Westcott, Alice