The good functioning of Polio Quebec is made possible thanks to the joint efforts of several people.

Board of Directors

Polio Quebec is directed by the Board of Directors which is composed of volunteer members of the Association. Eleven (11) are elected by the General Assembly and two (2) are co-opted by the Board.

The Board of Directors for 2015-2016 is:

CA-Daniel_250px CA-Stewart_250px
Daniel Montmarquette
Stewart Valin
Amitha Katta
CA-Chantal_250px CA-Mona_250px
Chantal Mallen
Adriana Venturini Mona Arsenault
Helen D’Orazio Mary Vertes-Benedek
Nicole Gagliardi
CA-Roland_250px placeholder_250px_bw
Roland Larivière Gérald Saint-Onge Pauline Sweer
Lamine Balde

Medical Advisors

Polio Quebec’s Board of Directors benefits from the counsel of a Medical Advisor, a physiatrist who works at the Post-Polio Clinic at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. The Medical Advisor attends monthly meetings but is not one of the Board Members.

Since 1998, Dr Daria A. Trojan has acted as a Medical Advisor, giving advice and maintaining contact with the Post-Polio Clinic team.

In 2014, Ann Robinson left her Board of Directors’ seat to become Medical Advisor for the Association.

dr_trojan_250px CA-Ann_250px
Dr Daria A. TROJAN
Medical Advisor
Ann Robinson
Medical Advisor

Administration and Communications

Polio Quebec has two permanent employees that take care of administration and communications: Claire Cossette,  Administrative Coordinator and Audrey Desrochers, Information Agent. They can be reached at

Annual Reports

You can download the annual reports of the last years: